Why a new study says you should avoid crowds

Evidence is mounting coronavirus could spread through air. A new study investigated airborne particles, known as aerosols and their role in disseminating COVID-19. Dr. Oz has the details.

Why is antibody testing so critical?

Americans are desperate to open our country back up, but leaders warn, this can't happen safely until we have adequate testing available -- and this includes antibody testing. Dr. Oz explains why the tests are important and critical for COVID.

Could you have COVID-19 and not know it?

With coronavirus spreading rapidly here in the U.S., more of you are wondering: Could I have COVID-19 and not know it? Dr. Oz shares a few key signs to look out for beyond the obvious symptoms of fever, cough, and shortness of breath.

Why are more men dying from COVID-19 than women?

As the number of coronavirus cases continue to rise, an unexpected pattern has emerged: the virus is killing more men than women. Dr. Oz looks into what's causing this difference in mortality.

Can you spread the coronavirus just by speaking?

When the COVID-19 outbreak began, we repeatedly heard the same message: this virus spreads by people coughing and sneezing. That's why staying 6 feet apart is so important - it's the distance an average cough or sneeze travels. Dr. Oz explains new research shows this might just be the tip of the iceberg with scientists now claiming talking for possibly even breathing could also spread the virus.

COVID-19 minute: Chest tightness, anxiety and heart attack symptoms

Two common symptoms of coronavirus are chest tightness and shortness of breath. These can also be signs of other conditions, like anxiety or even a heart attack, which leaves many of you asking: how can I tell if my chest tightness is coronavirus or something else? Dr. Oz has the details.

Is it possible you had coronavirus earlier this year?

Do you keep thinking about that cough you had in early January? What about your slight fever back in December? Turns out you're not alone. Many people are looking back on the last time they were sick, wondering if it was actually COVID-19. How do you know for sure? Dr. Oz reviews the facts.