Magic mushroom bill advances at AZ capitol

A unique bill at the Arizona State Capitol has crossed its first hurdle. A Senate committee unanimously passed a bill that would medically legalize psilocybin, which is the active ingredient found in magic mushrooms. It could potentially be used to help treat PTSD and forms of depression and anxiety. FOX 10's Syleste Rodriguez spoke with a licensed doctor who is licensed by the federal government to grow magic mushrooms.

Arizona billionaire's psychedelic PTSD treatment

Nov. 10 is the 248th birthday of the United States Marine Corps. It's a day that's special to a lot of Arizona veterans, including one of the most successful businessmen in the history of our state. Billionaire GoDaddy founder Bob Parsons says he owes everything to the Marines, but his service in Vietnam also left him with severe PTSD that he endured for decades -- that's until he underwent a radical and illegal treatment that he says saved him. FOX 10's Troy Hayden reports.

Billionaire treats PTSD with illegal psychedelics

Billionaire Bob Parsons, who founded GoDaddy and PXG Golf used a controversial and illegal drug and counseling therapy to cure the PTSD he suffered with since the Vietnam War. Parsons thinks the therapy should be studied and used more widely. FOX 10's Troy Hayden sat down with Parsons to hear his story. This is an unedited portion of that interview.

Family visits Arlington National Cemetery in honor of son

Veterans Day is coming up on Nov. 11 and a couple from Peoria visited Arlington National Cemetery in honor of their son. Brandon Caserta died by suicide while serving in the Navy, but his death led to a new law meant to help others. FOX 10's Marissa Sarbak has more.