3D printed house: Habitat for Humanity unveils first-of-its-kind home for Arizona in Tempe neighborhood

We are getting a first look at the only house of its kind in Arizona, as Habitat For Humanity unveils a home in Tempe that was built using a 3D printer.

"I'm overwhelmed with joy and gratitude," said one of the homeowners.

The home is the first of its kind to be built in Arizona. The structure was built using new technology and the help of volunteers with Habitat for Humanity, and the work of the new owners themselves, Marcus and Shawn Shivers.

"About 600 hours worth. It was actually enjoyable. We were here on site putting in our sweat equity hours. Wouldn't have it any other way," said one of the homeowners.

After nearly a year of construction, the three-bedroom, 1,700 square foot home is ready to move in. The walls are made of concrete, and were constructed with a 3D printer, which is why the surface looks like layers of vanilla soft serve.

It has a modern interior and design, with a great room, vaulted ceiling, and open kitchen. Between the concrete walls is a thick layer of insulation.

The couple says their mortgage will be much lower than their current monthly rent. Shawn and Marcus say they can't wait to host their first family gathering in their new house this Easter.

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