$4K low rider bike stolen from a Goodyear barbershop

A valuable bike was stolen from a Goodyear barbershop during a break-in, and the owner is understandably upset.

The somewhat good news: The entire break-in was caught on surveillance video.

It happened early Wednesday morning near Litchfield Road and Van Buren Street. The shop's owner, James Zuniga, says he's never seen the suspect before. All he wants is his custom-made bike back. It was a focal point in his shop, worth thousands of dollars.

Zuniga has been cutting hair since the '90s, and he's proud of his Chicano culture represented in the shop. For Zuniga and his fellow barbers, the last two years haven't felt like work.

“This is what we love to do, so it’s enjoyment to myself and to everybody that sits in our chairs,” he says. But now, Zuniga’s most prized possession is gone.

He named the custom-built, low rider bike, “Soul Sacrifice." He said, “You will not see another bike like that on this planet.”

The bike's monetary value is about $4,000, but its true worth to him and his staff is so much more.

If you have any information call Goodyear Police at 623-932-1220.