Arizona animal welfare organizations aim to keep pets at home amid expiration of eviction moratorium

With the rent moratorium now expired, thousands of individuals are now left with an uncertain future as they search for housing options.

A task force has been set up to offer help with residents' pets as they navigate these uncertain times.

"Right now, we are facing a potential crisis and for about a year now, us and our animal welfare partners have formed a Pet Housing Help AZ Task Force for this eviction moratorium ending," Bretta Nelson said.

Nelson with the Arizona Humane Society, one of seven different animal rescues that's now part of this task force, says they're working together to help pet owners with whatever needs they may have during this challenging time.

They estimate that anywhere between 2-and-5,000 pets could be impacted every month in our state.

"Valley shelters do have the space for that many pets, so what this task force does [is] it offers a number of resources, rehoming options, and temporary foster care for pet owners in crisis so that they can either keep their pets or rehome them on their own," Nelson said.

Pet Housing Help AZ

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