Arizona boy scout troop surprised with thousands of dollars in camping gear after trailer, supplies stolen

After a Valley boy scout troop's trailer and camping supplies were stolen, a sporting goods store surprised the troop with thousands of dollars in gear on Saturday, March 27.

Boy Scout Troop 513 gets to celebrate a donation that makes camping possible again.

"It’s really good to know there are people out there looking out for others," said Boy Scout George Gavagan.

The troop's trailer was stolen in December. Thanks to a FOX 10's viewer's tip, the trailer was found days later and the suspect was arrested - but thousands of dollars in supplies were gone.

The troop had to cancel multiple trips due to not having equipment - but that all changed Saturday morning as applause filled Cabela's in Glendale.

"It’s just amazing it really restores my faith in humanity, real grateful for everything. Couldn’t be more happy," said Jacob Diaz, another Boy Scout.

Thanks to Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's Fund, they donated all of this new gear to the scouts.

"Anything we can give back, especially to the youth that takes them off the couch, watching TV, on their phones - those are our future outdoorsmen and women, so that’s what we really want to do help those people," said Dave Lueth with Bass Pro Shops.

"It means a lot for the scouts, which is what we're all here for," said scoutmaster Dan Gavagan.

They brought all the gear outside in carts and loaded up the trailer that was stolen.

"Now it's going to be great," said Diaz. "Now we have great stuff."

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