Arizona man reunited with family after months-long COVID-19 battle

A family is honoring an Arizona man who is making progress after a months-long battle with COVID-19.

At one point, doctors gave Brian Argo a 5% chance to survive. Somehow, Argo managed to beat the odds.

We thought that we had lost him," said Argo's wife, Karen Argo. "We didn't think that he was ever coming home."

Argo spent weeks in a coma, and 41 days on a ventilator. The waiting and wondering nearly broke his family's heart.

"It was just heartwrenching, 'cause somebody told me that my dad was probably not gonna make it," said Argo's daughter, Kennedi Argo. "The hardest thing that I've probably ever had to experience 'cause one day, the person that you love is with you, and then they're just completely gone."

After three months at Scottsdale Osborn Hospital, Argo was reunited with his wife and daughters, along with extended family and friends. Argo is still in hospital, but he is off oxygen, and his feeding tube has been removed.

"Most people don't leave with that, but I am going to leave the hospital without a trach, without oxygen, and then go into my next phase of just physical therapy," said Argo,

Argo still has a long road to recovery. He still cannot walk, and only started talking again a few weeks ago. He and his family, however, say they are nothing but grateful at this point, and that their prayers were answered.

"I am not supposed to be here," said Argo. "God saved me. He gets all the credit, glory, power, honor, and praise. There's no other explanation, and I just want other people to know that this is not a joke."

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