As Thanksgiving approaches, families are facing higher food prices

World food prices have surged to the highest levels in more than a decade.

Officials with the United Nations say this is driven by a huge demand for food. Meanwhile, food supplies are under pressure due to extreme weather, smaller harvests, worker shortages, and rising costs. Now, it will now impact people's Thanksgiving dinner, with meals likely to cost more for 2021 due to higher prices for turkeys and other side dishes.

"That's why I'm looking around and looking for the best deal," said Earl Waters. "I don't know, but it just seems like everything is up right now. Like, everything is up right now."

Waters is going from grocery store to grocery store this weekend, just to find a cheaper turkey. He is even thinking of forgoing the favored fowl for something less traditional.

"I was checking out the turkey prices and everything, but you know, looks like everything is a little high right now so I'm actually looking to get the best deal," said Waters.

According to the USDA, the price of whole turkeys, frozen or otherwise, has increased by almost 9%. The price of potatoes are up by more than 20%, and other classics like Brussel Sprouts and eggs continue to rise, but desserts like pies and ice cream have seen no change, and tomatoes and certain apples have declined in price.

"There's a lot of our members. When they were buying the bags, we're saying 'Wow. Food prices are way up this year.' We really noticed it," said Executive Pastor Chuck Stanley with the North Phoenix Baptist Church.

The North Phoenix Baptist Church is stepping in to lend a helping hand this holiday season. They are handing out bags containing a Thanksgiving meal for a family of five, with a coupon inside for the family to choose their favorite meat.

"We have fruits, beans, vegetables," said Pastor Stanley. "Our goal this year was 800, and our church really came through and got over 1,000. About 1,100 bags."

"It's very beneficial because like some people can't get these things, and the church helps people out," said Armando Leyva.

As it appears prices will continue to rise into Christmas, the best advice for people is to get non-perishable items when they are on sale.

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