Brightening birthdays: Phoenix baker donates birthday cakes to kids who can't afford one

"I love to bake. I love to give back," said Britta Moberg with TSP Baking.

Moberg, owner of the Phoenix bakery, wanted to give back during these trying times. That's when she heard what another baker was doing in California: baking one cake a week, and giving it away to a deserving family or child that might have to go without a celebratory cake due to financial issues stemming from the pandemic.

"[It] was actually born out of ... an L.A. bakery called Betta with Butta. My friend Chris Tucker had the original idea and I reached out to partner with him because I thought it was amazing," Moberg explained.

She just started, but the nominations are already pouring in. She asks that the person write a short synopsis of why they want the cake, and Moberg says some of the stories are heartbreaking.

"What's...been great about it is reading about the people who are nominating them, the folks in their lives; their friends, their neighbors, their family members who see that struggle they're going through," Moberg said. "I'd love to surprise them with a beautiful birthday cake."

The Phoenix baker randomly draws a name every week.

"I'm honored to be a part of it because every baker knows the best part about baking is giving what you bake away," Moberg said. "Probably about 90 percent of gifts I give away are baked goods -- everyone loves putting those smiles on people faces, even when not in the face of a pandemic."

She says she doesn't really have an end date set. As long as there's a need, she'll continue to bake the cakes.

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You can also email to make nominations.