Disabled chihuahua puppy bringing joy to Mesa man diagnosed with terminal cancer

It is no secret dogs make people's lives better, but for some people, dogs make all the difference, especially for those dealing with physical disabilities or cancer.

One of those dogs is Champ, a disabled six-month-old Chihuahua puppy that is bringing joy to a Mesa man who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

"His front paws missing, so I said we're not getting rid of him because I don't want anybody to hurt him," said Pamela Andersen, whose husband, Andrew Kuzyk, has brain cancer.

"He had surgery November 1, but they couldn’t get it all because it’s wrapped around his memory," said Andersen.

A few weeks ago, Andersen and Kuzyk discovered that chemo and radiation have stopped working.

"Sometimes, cancer can actually calm you down, but this dog, he just brings this peace and serenity," said Kuzyk.

Champ, they say, brings happiness to everyone in his path.

"If the nurses know that we're coming, they gather in the hallway and wait for Champ!" said Kuzyk.

Currently, Andersen and Kuzyk are raising money to get Champ a wheelchair.

"His back is bowing so bad. I don’t want him to stay that way or get broken. We’re very careful with him," said Andersen.

The wheelchair is going to cost about $600, and so far, they have raised about half of what they need. For Champ and his owner, a positive outlook is all they really need.

"I don't know what the future holds, but I know the lord will be with me during it, so I'm not afraid," said Kuzyk.

UPDATE: Since we reported on Champ's story, our viewers came through, according to Kuzyk and his family, and they now have the funds for the doggy wheelchair. 



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