Dozens of 'emaciated' dogs found in 2 Mohave County homes, woman arrested

A Mohave County woman was arrested after deputies discovered a total of 43 dogs in homes covered in feces and urine earlier this week.

Deputies had been investigating animal hoarding complaints at two homes in the Dolan Springs area. Some of the animals had been reportedly running astray and attacking nearby livestock, according to the Mohave County Sheriff's Office.

Betty Fuchsel, 77, used both of those properties and had been cited several times over the past few years in connection to the alleged animal hoarding violations.

The 77-year-old was arrested on Jan. 11 for a failure to appear in court on those charges, and that's when deputies executed a search warrant on her homes.

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Betty Lynn Fuchsel

Authorities say they found floors covered in feces, trash and urine.

Several dogs were found locked up inside the homes and in vehicles on the property without access to food or water.

43 dogs were found "emaciated and in various stages of neglect," Mohave County deputies said. Some had to have immediate medical care.

Fuchsel now faces an additional 43 counts of felony animal cruelty.

The dogs are now in the care of the Mohave County Animal Shelter.

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