Family devastated after deadly crash in Glendale; investigation underway

A car running a red light reportedly caused a crash near 83rd Avenue and Bethany Home that killed two young women, according to Glendale police.

According to officials, the collision happened overnight on Aug. 25, after a vehicle being driven by a 22-year-old man was speeding on Bethany Home Road. The vehicle, identified as a Tesla, ran a red light and hit another car heading north down 83rd Avenue.

The man who was driving the Tesla is also in the hospital. Detectives are investigating speed and impairment as possible factors.

Victims identified

The two victims, identified as 18-year-old Ariyanna Parsad and 19-year-old Jazmine Marquez, were best friends, according to their families, who were left devastated by the incident.

Family members say Parsad died at the hospital, and Marquez was sitting in the backseat when she died.

"They brought her back to life, and then when she got to the hospital, she went into cardiac arrest. They tried to do surgery, but she couldn’t handle it anymore," said Parsad's sister, Jasmine.

Jasmine said her late sister was just starting her life.

"She was always joking all the time. She was a giver," said Jasmine.

Parsad's boyfriend was also in the car during the crash, and he is in the hospital with serious injuries. A puppy was also reportedly in the car, and it died as well, according to family.

"It was really hard, because me and her, me and my sister, we're very close, and everybody says we always look alike and I always say that’s my twin. It felt like my heart was just being ripped out, especially knowing that she was completely innocent," said Jasmine.

GoFundMe for Ariyanna:

Loved ones hold fundraiser to cover funeral expenses

On Sept. 5, two families continue to grieve and are trying to come up with the money to cover the costs of two funerals.

In the hot summer sun, friends and family of the victims scrubbed cars for cash.

"It's horrible. This is something you never want to do for anyone. This is sad all around," said Anderlynn Tabaha, a friend of Marquez. "She had an impact on everyone's life. Anyone she came across. She was the brightest one of the group. She was the one who always brought everyone together."

Though they can't wash away their pain, family and friends hope that the money raised on Sunday will help their lost loved one rest a little easier.

"What happened to her broke everyone's heart. We're all still sad about it. We miss her," Tabaha said.

GoFundMe for Jazmine:

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