Glendale Police officers shoot suspect accused of killing his father; new video released

A man who allegedly killed his father before being shot by Glendale officers during a standoff has been released from the hospital and arrested. 

Police released 911 calls and video on Oct. 29 of the moments that led up to the suspect's arrest.

According to court documents, a woman called police on Aug. 25 to report that she had tried to call her father, but her brother answered the phone and said that he had shot the dad.

"Rafael admitted to his sister that he just killed their dad," read a portion of the court documents.

A person then reportedly called 911 and said that he had been stabbed while at a family gathering. The caller, later identified as 26-year-old Rafael Vargas-Olvera, said he shot the person who stabbed him and then locked himself inside the master bedroom.

Officers eventually came to the home near 69th Avenue and Maryland and said Vargas-Olvera was not being cooperative with the 911 dispatcher, who told him to leave the home without any weapons. 

"Rafael told dispatch that he went outside and hopped the wall into the neighbor's yard, not complying with the instructions given by dispatch," court documents read.

Officers at the scene then heard gunshots, and a SWAT team was called to the home.

A drone was then deployed and police determined that Vargas-Olvera was inside the home. A robot was also deployed, and it was shot at by Vargas-Olvera, police said.

Vargas-Olvera reportedly then began shooting at officers who were outside in front of the home.

Rafael Vargas-Olvera

Rafael Vargas-Olvera

"Officers were taking cover behind the police vehicles while Rafael who at officers," court documents read. "The shots behind fired outside the residence and at the police vehicles were putting multiple officers and community members at risk of serious physical injury or death."

One officer returned fire, and Vargas-Olvera went outside through the backyard with a rifle in his hand.

Two SWAT team members on rooftops saw Vargas-Olvera and shot him. A K-9 was also brought in to help police get Vargas-Olvera into custody.

Aside from the rifle, police said a handgun was found in Vargas-Olvera's pocket. A knife was later found in the home near the master bedroom. Fifty-three shell casings were also found inside.

Vargas-Olvera was taken to a hospital with critical injuries. He has since been released from the hospital and was booked into jail on Oct. 11.

The body of Vargas-Olvera's father, 48-year-old Antonio Vargas-Granados, was found inside the home.

During an interview with investigators, police said Vargas-Olvera admitted to shooting his father because he was scared because he thought his father was armed when he heard "what sounded like a round being chambered or a gun slide racking."

"Rafael stated he did not see any weapons in his father's hand nor did he render aid," court documents read.

Vargas-Olvera faces a number of charges, including murder, aggravated assault and attempted murder of a police officer. Additionally, police said Vargas-Olvera caused over $10,000 worth of damage to police equipment when he opened fire at officers.

He is being held on a $1 million cash-only bond.

No officers were hurt during the incident.

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