'He was an amazing guy': Arizona man, 36, dies from COVID-19

It's been an incredibly hard time for a 36-year-old Arizona man's family after he died from COVID-19 on July 17.

Roger Gutierrez's girlfriend said they had plans to get married and have another child. Instead, she and loved ones are planning his funeral.

"In his last messages, he said, 'I wish I came earlier, I am scared, please take care of my kids,'" shared his girlfriend Briana Trujillo.

Gutierrez worked for electric company Arizona Public Service and when he came home on July 1 she said he had all COVID-19-related symptoms and he quarantined at his Avondale home.

But, she says his symptoms worsened, saying, "He said his breathing wasn't good enough. He just said he wasn't breathing good."

He was taken to Banner Estrella Medical Center and was put on a ventilator.

"Then it was just contact with nurses for 10 days. I wasn't able to see him, he was alone in the hospital for 10 days with no family,"

His family says Gutierrez was healthy and had no conditions. 17 days after getting his first symptoms, he died on his daughter's fifth birthday.

"She will always remember the passing of her dad on her birthday," his girlfriend said.

They had their daughter together, and Trujillo says he took care of her son as his own. Gutierrez coached football, loved sports and spending time with his family.

"He was an amazing guy. Didn't deserve this, we didn't deserve this. He wasn't a bad guy," Trujillo said.

She adds that they took the virus seriously and never thought it would take her love from her.

"I don't even where to start anymore. I am so heartbroken I have to go through this. I am scared for my kids," she said.

The family says Gutierrez was the family’s sole financial provider.

If you'd like to donate to the family, you can visit their GoFundMe page.