Here's what's in Gov. Katie Hobbs' new budget for Arizona

Governor Katie Hobbs is releasing her first budget for Arizona.

The budget includes just over $17 billion in spending for the 2024 fiscal year. The spending covers a number of areas, including education, health, welfare, natural resources, and public safety.

Some of the proposals, according to a statement released by the Governor's Office, include:


Health and Welfare

  • Setting aside $50 million from the General Fund for a refundable child tax credit for low income families, beginning in the 2023 Tax Year.
  • Making feminine hygiene products tax-exempt, with a cost of $24 million
  • A $150 million deposit to the Housing Trust Fund to help families and individuals who are currently unhoused, or are at risk of becoming unhoused

Natural Resources

  • $15 million in one-time funding for a grant program to help rural, Latino, and Indigenous communities get certified well drillers to access safe drinking water
  • $7.5 in one-time funding to install public infrastructures for electric vehicles at state facilities
  • $10 million in one-time deposit to the State Parks Heritage Fund for park development and other matters

Public Safety

  • $69.2 million, including $56.7 million in one-time funding, to support Department of Corrections operations
  • $17.1 million in reallocated funding to the DPS patrol program for law enforcement duties in areas of greatest need
  • $12.2 million in reallocated funding, including $11 million in one-time funding,t o provide grants to law enforcement in border communities

During her first State of the State address, Gov. Hobbs announced a number of new programs that she wants implemented, which includes the child tax credit and tax exemptions for feminine hygiene products that is mentioned above.

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Gov. Hobbs will have to work with the Republican Party-controlled State Legislature to get a budget passed.

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Arizona State Capitol in Phoenix, Arizona

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