Homicide caseload reaches record high of the year at Maricopa County Attorney's Office after a deadly weekend

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The Maricopa County Attorney's Office (MCAO) says it reached a record high for the number of homicide cases it received over the violent weekend.

"On a typical Tuesday, the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office receives submittals from law enforcement for two to three homicides to review for charges that occur over the weekend. This past weekend, the numbers hit a record high for 2022 with six homicide incidents," an Aug. 16 MCAO news release read.

Other weekends have seen above-average numbers, but the office says nothing like this last weekend, Aug. 12-14.

"According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations, violent crime across the country went up by 5.6% between 2019 and 2020. New numbers for violent crime are expected to be released this fall," MCAO said.

Adding, "there is a large task for prosecutors at the County Attorney’s Office who must review complex facts and evidence in order to make a charging decision within 48 business hours of a suspect’s arrest. Without charges, the suspect may be released back into the community. A homicide prosecutor carries anywhere between 10 and 12 cases but currently carrying heavier caseloads due to a prosecutor shortage in the office."

The following homicides are the cases MCAO is referencing.

"These are six families who are grieving, six loved ones who were unexpectedly taken, and every case has a different set of facts and evidence that must be reviewed by our office," said County Attorney Rachel Mitchell. "A victim in one of these homicides is a 15-year-old teenager."