Hundreds of citations given out since Arizona's distracted driving law went into effect on Jan. 1

Since the texting and driving law went into effect on Jan. 1 of this year, hundreds of tickets have been given out across the Valley.

Kathleen Ryan, the Director of Curriculum and Training at DrivingMBA, says numbers are increasing.

"I think if you’re out there enough as we are as instructors, you see it day in and day out. There is not a time while driving around with a student where we don’t experience that kind of a situation at one point or another," Ryan said.

The DrivingMBA in Glendale offers a main course at the school because of the major issues it can lead on the road, according to Ryan.

"We see it in so many different ways. They’re going too slow, they’re going too fast, weaving in and out of the lane. Making lane changes without even looking. Making lane changes right into other vehicles," Ryan said.

Ryan says citations will lead to fewer drivers being on their phone behind the wheel.

"They’re going to have to give tickets. People are going to have to realize there is a price to pay. The least of the price will be the ticket, getting pulled over. Getting a ticket, that’s nothing compared to being involved in a collision," Ryan said.

The police have caught hundreds of drivers in violation.

Police Departments citations:

Phoenix Police citing 832 drivers.

Chandler Police ticketing 887 drivers.

Tempe Police issuing 183 tickets.

Mesa Police 238 citations

Tickets for a first time violation start at $75-149 and for a second violation $150-250.

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