'It had our whole life in it': Trailer with $50K in supplies stolen from Glendale home

Less than two weeks before Christmas, a Glendale couple had their trailer stolen with $50,000 of supplies in it while still working to make ends meet.

The trailer was stolen near 91st Avenue and Glendale on Dec. 13, and now they are doing all they can to get it back.

"Just everything I have acquired over 19 years - hurts to have it all gone," said Julian Varela, owner of JNV Electric.

His livelihood gone in the blink of an eye. Varela had woken up that morning to find the trailer missing.

"It's everything, all the tools, everything we own," Varela said. "We just spent $1,000 last night to try and recoup, but we're nowhere near what we had, and we need the tools to perform our work."

Julian and his wife say it was a fairly new trailer for their electric company. The trailer, valued at $50,000, was not yet insured, so they are out of all the money.

Their neighbor caught video on Ring cameras of what appears to be a man driving off with the trailer. The couple says another man in the area reported having his trailer nearly stolen the next night.

The couple has four kids, and now they have been forced to dip into their life savings to make ends meet.

"It had our whole life in it," said Summer Varela. "Tools, material for customers, full on materials for our home we were re-wiring - we've lost over $50,000 in materials, supplies, everything."

They are offering a $1,000 reward, and are hoping someone will come forward.

"We just want it back," Summer said. "We just want it back."

A woman who heard their story also stepped up and gave the pair a $500 Home Depot card, and the Varelas say they are thankful for all the people who have reached out.

Link to GoFundMe account

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