Joy Bus Diner in Phoenix serves up food for a good cause

Serving up breakfast with a smile.

The Joy Bus in Phoenix is known for its friendly atmosphere and good food.

Jack Mitchell comes by here every week.

"The help themselves are great. They call you by your first name," he said.

"Just great good, great environment," Eric Otto said.

But it's more than just a good cup of Joe that brings people back week after week. It's the cause – the true meaning behind the name "Joy Bus."

"My mom's friend, Joy, passed away from cancer, and she used to make her little meals and treats to make her feel better about what she was going through," server Areli Trapero said.

So in 2011, they started up this non-profit restaurant. One-hundred percent of the proceeds go to support cancer patients. They also deliver meals to those who are homebound.

They change up some of their menu items every week because their produce and coffee are all donated, and many of the servers are volunteers.

"Very strong volunteer basis, so our volunteers will do prep work, they'll also host," Trapero said.

And it's the community support that keeps them going.

"It's really amazing what your community can do for you and how you can help others," Trapero added.