LAYING IT BARE: for some life coaches, clothing is optional

There are many different approaches people take when they need help in life, with some turning to therapy, and others to medicine. A growing number of people, however, are meeting with a life coach.

In Arizona, there are many life coaches to choose from.

With some of these life coaches, clothing is optional.

"I went through a divorce and a lot of life-changing experiences, and I was in a difficult place," said one man, identified only as "Xen". "I felt like my life was chaotic or unmanageable."

We met Xen and his life coach, Nadine Sabulsky, to try and find out what a life coach can actually do. Nadine said she always had a business mind, and wanted to make a difference.

"I've always been an entrepreneur, it wasn't a real business, but I was 10 years old literally pedaling jewelry around the neighborhood," said Sabulsky.

For Nadine's service, however, people need to be prepared to bare more than just their feelings.

"I think that's one of the healthy things I help people with, be comfortable in your own skin," said Sabulsky.

Sabulsky goes by the name "The Naked Life Coach", and sessions with her are clothing-optional. Sabulsky says a majority of her clients opt to undress, and get down to the "naked truth".

"At first, it was a little awkward," said Xen. "There's, of course, preconceived notions of what it is, and at first it was a little weird, but the way Nadine does, it is very progressive. It's not "OK, here we are, let's get naked". It's go at your own pace."

"To promote greater honesty," said Sabulsky. "You know, if you're naked with somebody, it subconsciously influences you. You don't have anything to hide."

Both Xen and Sabulsky swear by the positive effects of the sessions.

"I felt like I was changing," said Xen. "My thoughts were changing a bit, but it wasn't until people around me noticed I was more confident, I wasn't as sorrowful."

"I've helped people launch businesses, write books, complete projects, I've helped a lot of people with relationships," said Sabulsky.

Sarah Kay Harrison is also a life coach, but she and her clients keep their clothes on. She launched her coaching business, after an illness motivated her to dive deep into human happiness and potential.

"I literally teach my clients what you have control over, and how to control it," said Harrison.

Harrison worked with people like Dan Garzella, who was going through a tough time personally, and was in a career shift.

"It helped me reach out and communicate those feelings and those fears that I wasn't willing to do before, and then resolve those issues," said Garzella, who has since launched the Garzella Group, a growing insurance business in Scottsdale.

So why life coaching, and not therapy?

"Therapy is great for working on problems, but a problem is, 'I'm in a hole and want to get back on even ground', but coaching is more for someone who's on even ground, or they don't like the ground they've created, and they want to launch a rocket," said Harrison.

For Sabulsky, life coaching is about growth, not reliving trauma.

"A lot of traditional therapists don't give constructive things for the person to do," said Sabulsky. "When you come to a life coach, it's more about the doing rather than figuring things out."

Despite some eyerolls, both say life coaching is no gimmick.

"I've had someone think that I'm just using nudity as a gimmick to get people in the door," said Sabulsky. "If anyone doubts my sincerity, read my books, watch my videos. I have tons of content out there. They can really get a good idea of what I teach and what I'm about."

"Human belief is a really powerful thing, and if you don't believe in it, it's not going to work for you, but it's not for people that don't believe in it, it's for people that actually believe in possibility and wonder what's possible in the world, they're the ones who are going to go out and create miracles," said Harrison.

Both Harrison and Sabulsky do one-on-one and group sessions, sometimes talking to companies and employees.

The average life coach session runs about $100 per hour.