Legal battle over trigger that makes AR-15s fire faster has Arizona-based company concerned over outcome

A federal battle over a small gun part is hitting close to home, as a Chandler-based business says they are the largest dealer in the country of a trigger that can make AR-15s fire faster.

However, officials with the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) say it is so fast, that it should be classified as a machine gun. ATF officials have tried to stop its production, but the manufacturer says what they are doing is perfectly legal.

Gun part among the most popular product sold by company

The part in question is called the Rare Breed FRT-15 trigger. It is made by Rare Breed Triggers.

"Super small and super fast. Still within the rules," said Randy Looke with Chandler-based Preppers Discount.

The new type of trigger only needs an eighth of an inch to reset.

"Even though it’s an eighth of an inch, you're still pulling that trigger every single time," said Looke.

Officials with Preppers Discount say they can't keep the $450 to $600 part in stock.

"This is by far our most popular product we've ever sold," said Looke. "By far, hands down."

Part catches ATF's attention

Officials with the ATF are taking notice of the trigger. In a Cease and Desist letter in 2021, ATF officials told Rare Breed it turns rifles into 'machine guns'. When contacted, officials with the ATF say they do not discuss matters of litigation.

Company officials, however, say because the trigger has to be pulled for every bullet, it is still semi-automatic. In a phone call, the owner of Rare Breed said they have submitted evidence and opinions, and resubmitted it to the ATF for reconsideration.

"Our legal position remains that as the law is written, the FRT-15 is a perfectly legal semi-automatic trigger," the owner said.

Legal Expert weighs in

Firearms legal analyst Marc Victor says with the National Firearms Act, semantics are important.

"There are many areas, as you can imagine, especially when you're dealing with firearms, that we just don’t know what the answer is," said Victor.

For Preppers Discount, the outcome of the battle will be massive, since they claim they are the largest dealer of the trigger in the country.

"This is a national thing that can affect millions of Americans," said Looke.

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