Longtime Red Cross volunteer honored ahead of 100th birthday

A longtime Red Cross volunteer in the Valley is celebrating a big birthday on Sunday, when she turns 100.

On Aug. 12, a celebration was held in her honor.

Betty Grenig has volunteered with the organization for 82 years. She first started in high school, when the organization needed help knitting socks for members of the military.

"My mother was very patriotic, she told me I could knit, so get working," said Grenig.

It then became a habit over the years.

"You know, if you start something when you're young, it's a hard habit to break, and good habits are good," said Grenig.

During the event, Red Cross officialss thanked Grenig for her service.

"Over the years, you've truly done it all. From knitting socks for troops as a teenager to supporting the Red Cross when your husband's military career took you to places like Korea, Japan and the Philippines, and of course, your volunteer service at Williams and Luke Air Force Bases. You've also organized care packets for disaster response teams, and I know there's nothing you can't or won't do to carry out our lifesaving work," an official said.

Despite her pending status as a centenarian, Grenig says she doesn't plan to slow down.

"When you're doing something and you see somebody appreciate it, it makes you feel good, that you've done something to help someone," said Grenig.

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