2 weeks after storm brought devastating flooding, Miami residents are still cleaning up

It has been two weeks since the town of Miami saw devastating floods from severe storms, and residents are still cleaning up. Meanwhile, they are worried about what more storms can do to the area.

"I'm trying to make the house livable again, for one," said Alexander Palmer, who is getting some help from his friends and the American Legion after his house was flooded during the flooding two weeks ago.

"The wall have a great deal of sheet rock that needs to get repaired, and the baseboard," said Palmer.

Around Palmer's house, there is still a lot of mud and debris. Meanwhile, April Crick says her mother is also still recovering from the floods.

"You smell the mold, and all the rats have come up from the wash," said Crick. "It was like a horror movie, seeing 20 rats."

Cleanup efforts hampered by fewer aid

Miami Mayor Sammy Gonzales says the Department of Emergency and Military Affairs assessed the area a week ago.

"To do any kind of repairs, for FEMA to step in, you have to have a $10 million threshold," said Mayor Gonzales. "We saw 46 sites, and the preliminary assessment is not we meet the $10 million threshold."

Having them to look into other avenues. Mayor Gonzales says clean up could take a month, as more storms are making it more difficult.

"We still got more sediment coming on the streets, so it's been a constant clean up," said Mayor Gonzales. "We still have residential homes that we're still trying to get to."

Mayor Gonzales says they are working on allocating more resources to assist the residents. He says they are setting up a forum next week.

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