Lumber supply shortage in Arizona, US continues as demand remains

With a plummeting lumber supply in Arizona and the U.S., demand continues to go up along with the price.

Local lumber supplier 84 Lumber is one of the biggest suppliers in the Valley, and Chris Jensen says this issue is multi-faceted and there are many factors leading to the issues.

As far as when things may get somewhat back to normal, he says he just doesn't know.

Jensen, an outside sales manager with 84 Lumber, says the situation nationally is "unprecedented. It’s the only word I can use."

Jensen says the main issue leading to the ripple effect of problems is the COVID-19 pandemic. Supply shortages began soon after the pandemic took hold, he said.

Weather and shipping delays along with Mill closures are also leading to the shortage.

Everyone is being affected, Jensen explains, from the supplier, to the builder then the customer.

"We’ve had the normal house package, say $10,000 or $20,000, and now you can say it’s more than double or doubled," Jensen said.

84 Lumber's yard is typically fully stocked, but now, as soon as product comes in, it's gone to keep up with their clients' needs.

"We’ve had offerings to us and if we couldn’t give an answer in five to 10 minutes, those offerings were gone, off of the table. It was up 20, 40, 60, 80 bucks a thousand. The impact is amazing," Jensen said.

84 Lumber is hiring in nearly all departments. More information on the jobs they're offering can be found here