Made In Arizona: Local company making "jewelry for motorcycles"

CHANDLER, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- When people think of Harley Davidson, Wisconsin usually comes to mind, as that's where their headquarters are located. However, some of the parts for many of the bikes are made in Arizona.

Harley's never go out of style, and riders across the world are always looking for ways to make them shine. It's one reason David Shano opened Precision Billet Products in 2010, in Chandler.

"I've always had a passion for them in the past, and always found that the accessories for them were kind of boring, and we wanted to come up with something a little bit different," said Shano.

Shano calls it "jewelry for motorcycles": something to make a stock bike stand out. Floorboards, air cleaners, mirrors, they can customize and make the parts in a 8,000 square foot shop.

1,500 dealers strong, there's no shortage of work, and there's always more parts to make.

"We have customers in China that only want American-made parts, which is kind of great for us," said Shano. "So, we export to China, Japan, Thailand."

Now, Shano is focused on finding more local talent to build his staff.

"Our biggest challenge is always finding skilled workers, or finding people that want to make something with their hands," said Shano. "We're blessed to have a group of really young people."