Man accused of tagging Phoenix warehouse blamed transgender women for graffiti, police say

A man suspected of tagging a warehouse near downtown Phoenix has been taken into custody and police say he blamed transgender women for the graffiti.

On August 23, officers arrested 48-year-old Brian Carroll on a felony count of criminal damage.

According to the police report, investigators say Carroll and an unknown suspect tagged the building on Aug. 17 near 9th Avenue and Madison Street at approximately 5:05 a.m., causing damages estimated to be between $2,000 and $3,000 to repair.

When officers made contact with Carroll near 11th Avenue and Madison Street, he was taken into custody. They say he denied spray-painting the wall and said transgender women did it.

In a post-Miranda interview, investigators say Carroll admitted to spray-painting the wall.

In the police report, officers stated Carroll was not under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the offense.

During Carroll's court appearance, a judge said, "I've set a $2,500 bond. If you post that bond, no returning to the alleged scene of the crime. Do you understand?"

Carroll replied, "Yes."

"Alright. Get your paperwork," said the judge.

 "Am I being released?" asked Carroll.

"No. You have a $2,500 bond," said the judge.

Carroll: "Alright. Alright."

Map of the area: