No more political signs in Arizona? Lawmaker introduces bill to restrict them on public property

There’s a bill proposed at the Arizona state capitol that looks to ban political signs on public property, you know, the ones that cover just about every major corner during an election cycle?

The bill, SB 1116, is sponsored by Republican Rep. Steve Kaiser. He admits, he put up his own political signs in the past but calls them unnecessary, unlikeable and hazardous.

"If people have their idea who they want an office, then sure, take down the signs," a Phoenix resident named Justin said. "Who reads them anyway? It’s a waste of money, and it’s pollution littering."

There are already laws on the books, restricting these signs – like spots they can’t go and how big they can be.

This bill goes a step further, banning all political signs on all public property.

"I don’t have anything against them. You got to get your name out there somewhere right?" said Zack, a Phoenix resident. He thinks they do help get people elected. 

There are a few concerns over a ban.

From the First Amendment to giving incumbents an unfair advantage. 

"Some people keep them up after the election," says a woman named Shavonda. "They’re still sitting on the corner and the election has already taken place …"

The bill doesn’t say anything about banning political signs on private property, and it still needs to be assigned a committee to begin the debate.

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