Organization allows local artists to display their work in the greater Phoenix area

A partnership between six cities is bringing art to the greater Phoenix area.

They've recently unveiled some new pieces but are now sending a call for more art from local Valley artists.

"I've been doing art pretty much all my life," said John David Yanke, a local artist who recently had his newest creation "Secondary Infusion" on display in Scottsdale.

Yanke worked in conjunction with In Flux to get his pieces on display.

"In a Valley-wide program where artists can submit proposals to cities for temporary art locations," said Tanya Galin, public art coordinator for Scottsdale Public Art.

In Flux has been around for ten years, and every year they display local artists' work for a year at a time. 

The organization also helps artists make connections with others in the art world - and above all, Galin says it helps get the names of local artists out there.

"It just leads to more - it leads to more opportunities, it doesn't have to be a huge project, but it gets their name out there in the public," said Galin.

As for Yanke. he's already looking forward to creating more art with his newfound contacts - thanks to In Flux.

"I have these contacts, all that I would not have had if I hadn't applied for the In Flux Cycle Nine," Yanke said.

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