Organizations open facilities to students who will learn online, helping parents head to work

With most Arizona school districts starting the school year online, several organizations are stepping up to help working parents.

They're offering programs that will allow students to have a place to go while they learn online.

"We don’t want to take away from our kids, we want them to be focusing the proper time on schoolwork but we don’t have the tools or the time," said mother Shoshana Simones.

She is like many parents who find themselves in a pickle when school will likely begin online all while parents need to head out the door to work.

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Some districts have already made the announcement that they'll begin the year with remote learning.

Simones says it’s been a challenge balancing work life and being a teacher to her two young girls.

"There are these windows in time in a child’s development where essentially they are like sponges. For Hannah, it’s really this core time that she is learning her letters and numbers. It’s preparing those pre-reading skills," Simones said.

To make sure her soon-to-be 4-year-old receives the necessary tools and resources, Simones is looking into enrolling her daughter in the Arizona Sunrays in August.

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It's a new program the center is offering to assist parents with child care needs during the school year.

"The parents can drop their kids off and they will be able to have ease of mind that their kids will be here and we’ll help them facilitate their online schooling throughout the day as well as different activities," a company spokesperson said.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of the valley will also be providing a space where kids can safely learn.

"We’ll be converting some of our facilities. For example our big gymnasium. We have big spaces and we’ll be setting up socially distanced spaces for students to bring the devices they bring from school ...," explained a Boys and Girls Club spokesperson.

Capacity is reduced and spaces are limited. Visit the links above to learn more about the programs.