Owners of Phoenix animal shelter being evicted, in need of donations to continue caring for cats

Kathy Lange, co-owner of So Many Cats, says the animal shelter is being kicked out after she and her partner have been renting this house, rescuing and caring for street strays for nearly 15 years.

"When he moved in here it was filled, filled with cats and instead of taking them to the pound, he had them spayed, neutered, and released them into this large property and has taken care of them for all these years," Lange said. "We have been given abrupt notice that we need to leave in less than 45 days. We have no budget to do a move. This caught us off guard, plus we have coronavirus happening which has just put us into a huge tailspin."

Coronavirus has set the animal shelter back even more.

"Now with the virus, people are abandoning their animals left and right, so our need is greater," Lange said.

And now, the shelter is on their last leg.

"We need finances for moving, we need adopters, we have 11-to-14 healthy adult cats that are ready to go," Lange said.

Lange says they need help from the community with pet food, supplies, monetary donations, and manpower -- and they need it fast.