PD: No officers injured after man shoots at Phoenix Police

No officers were injured after an armed suspect opened fire on Phoenix Police, prompting officers to return fire and shoot the suspect, police said on Wednesday.

According to police, officers responded to reports of a burglary near 15th Avenue and Indian School Road at 10:15 p.m. on June 29.

When officers arrived at the scene, the front door was open. The officers knocked and yelled but got no answer.

A few minutes later, a 77-year-old man, who is reportedly a retired doctor, walked out. At the time, he was armed with a gun.

"Police were out there in the street saying ‘put the gun down,’" said Kenneth Burke, who lives in the area. "They must have said it 20 to 30 times, ‘put the gun down.'"

The 77-year-old eventually fired several rounds through the front door, in the direction of the officers. Police officials say one of the bullets ended up about 100 yards away from the incident scene.

"My girlfriend actually heard banging. She thought someone was banging on the walls. That probably was a gunshot and possibly this bullet that landed in the house," said Kristen Snider, who lives in the area.

Police officials say two officers returned fire, shooting the homeowner.

"All I could see was the end of a pistol," said Burke. "I didn’t see him get hit. I saw him come out and walk around in the front yard. He was kind of wobbly a little bit."

Police confirmed the suspect is the homeowner. He suffered serious but non-life-threatening injuries and was hospitalized.

"I know that he’s hard of hearing and has bad eyesight," said Burke.

The suspect is accused of aggravated assault.

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