Peoria Fire unveils new boat to perform rescues on Lake Pleasant

Many people will be heading to Lake Pleasant this 4th of July in the hot weather, and the Peoria Fire Department is getting ready for the rush with a brand new boat.

Peoria Fire has to patrol about 50 square miles of Lake Pleasant. They have to be ready for anything and everything, and that's why they say this boat is such a vital tool.

"Whe crew out here are all rescue swimmers, boat operators, two paramedics, two EMTs like any other fire station, but they respond on land as well as on the water," said Peoria Fire Captain Mark Barbee. "So there's quite a bit of responsibility out here."

Barbee says the 30-foot-long Munson fire boat has several safety features that allow them to perform rescues more quickly.

It has a water cannon that can spray 1,000 gallons of water a minute. It also has 150 feet of hose on board so they can respond to a fire on land.

The boat also has some unique features.

"The front of the boat actually opens, so we can do our rescue off the front of the boat," Barbee said.

The boat can hold up to 12 patients and has an increase fuel capacity, meaning they can stay on the water longer. For Peoria firefighters who work on this boat, they say this will help them do their jobs more efficiently.

"We're very fortunate to have a boat like this."

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