Phoenix area locksmiths will open cars for free to save kids and pets thanks to program

Temperatures are starting to rise in Arizona, and as more people are heading back to the office for in-person work, it is important to think about hot car safety and children.

In the Phoenix area, a program is in place where locksmiths will drop everything and rush to a car if there is a pet or child that is in need.

"I've got my lock pick. We'll come in, I'll get it set up, and I'll work my way through the lock," said Brian Borden with Pop-A-Lock.

"In 2021 alone, we save 8,000 kids," said Paige Chase with Pop-A-Lock.

Chase said their program, PALSavesKids, is free.

"Every second counts. That's why we prioritize that job and head straight out to unlock it. We also recommend if the vehicle is not running and it is an emergency to also contact the authorities," said Borden.

As temperatures rise, officials with the National Safety Council says 38 children under 15 die every year from heatstroke after being left in a vehicle.

"Several times a month, we get calls for kids. We prioritize that call and head straight over, and get it open obviously," said Borden. "As it heats up, getting that kid out or pet out as quick as possible is ideal."

Borden also said people should think again if they think a smart key will protect them.

"People with smart keys think it's impossible to get locked with their key in the car, but as I can attest, we're out there every day unlocking those cars," said Borden.

Borden said if the key is in the car and someone tries to enter it, the car will sometimes lock itself, thinking it is protecting a passenger from an attempted carjacking, meaning owners of cars with smart keys will need to be vigilant as well.

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