Phoenix company makes movable plexiglass shields for restaurants amid pandemic

Plastic dividers are part of our lives now, and can be seen in grocery stores, eateries and more.

One Phoenix company has made movable shields for local restaurants to continue creating safer physical distance.

The shields, designed by Jeremy Lutringer and his company Unique Machine and Tool Co., were created to be a more convenient method of slowing the spread of COVID-19.

"You can change [the shields], it doesnt have to be clear - it can be opaque so you can have more privacy," said Lutringer.

Recently, Lutringer made the movable dividers for Buddyz Chicago Pizzeria in Ahwatukee.

Owner Tim Scarnato says the shields have helped customers practice social distancing.

"It's great," said Scarnato. "It's so easy to remove and clean, we like the tinted glass and clear ones - gives a little more privacy."

It's also helping customers feel more safe.

"I just think people are happy to be able to have something," said Scarnato. "We have a older customer base out here, so I think it gives them refreshing security."