Quick-thinking employees honored by Glendale Fire Dept. for helping to save co-worker's life

A few quick-thinking employees in Arizona were awarded the Life Safety Award after helping to save their co-worker's life.

The six workers, all of whom are with Aurora Behavioral Health, were thanked on the morning of Nov. 22 for jumping into action when their co-worker Tony was suddenly suffering from a heart attack.

"It's funny standing in here because this is where it all started," said Tony, whose co-worker saved his life. "I had a sat up and I went upstairs to talk to HR, and that was the last thing I remember until the firefighters showed up."

The employees started working on Tony immediately and helped keep him alive until paramedics arrived. Officials with the Glendale Fire Department have awarded all of them with the Life Safety Award for their bravery.

"If it wasn’t for outstanding compressions, rapid response -- Carol was on the oxygen. She hooked up the pads. We had to shock him and continue compressions, and 911 came and a life was saved," said one of the award recipients.

Tony says this Thanksgiving will take on new meaning.

"Outside of my wife and my mom, you guys are the closest thing to family I have. Thank you! This is the last time you'll see me cry, so lock it into memory."

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