Ralph Norman jokes that Ruth Bader Ginsburg was molested by Lincoln

A South Carolina congressman joked that Ruth Bader Ginsburg, an associate justice of the Supreme Court, said she had been assaulted by Abraham Lincoln. App users click here.

The Herald reports that U.S. Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) made the joke during a debate Thursday against Democrat Archie Parnell in Rock Hill.

"Did y'all hear this latest late-breaking news from the Kavanaugh hearings?" Norman said. "Ruth Bader Ginsburg came out that she was groped by Abraham Lincoln."

Norman is running for reelection in South Carolina's 5th Congressional District.

The congressman's remark comes as President Trump's nominee for a Supreme Court appointment, Brett Kavanaugh, remains embroiled in scandal after a woman accused him of sexually assaulting her when he was 17. Kavanaugh has expressly denied the allegation.

"My opponent apparently thinks sexual assault is a joke. It is not. But I guess that's the best we can expect from someone who pulled a loaded gun on his own constituents," Parnell tweeted.

The incident Parnell referred to in his tweet happened in April when Norman pulled out his loaded gun during a meet and greet with constituents. The congressman had been asked a question on gun control and had reportedly pulled the weapon out to make a point.