San Tan Valley family prepares to adopt 10-month-old

Saturday is National Adoption Day, and many families will be heading to the courthouse to finalize the long process.

Among the families will be the Smith family from San Tan Valley. While they are set to adopt baby Lochlan, they say they feel like Lochlan has always been a part of their family.

Kim and Seth Smith already have Shannon and Brayden. They are about to make 10-month-old Lochlan a part of their family for good.

Seth (left) and Kim (right) Smith

"As soon as he got here, he was a part of the family," said Kim. "On the first day, we went late to pick him up, the kids ran in, hugged him and kissed him, and talked about baby brother."

The Smiths became Lochlan's foster family on the day he was born, and found out soon after that they were able to adopt him.

"I was really reluctant to do foster care," said Seth. "She was leaving to go pick him up, I stopped her and said 'are we doing the right thing?'"


The Smiths now say they can’t imagine life without Lochlan, and hope others will consider opening up their hearts and homes to so many children who are in need of a loving home.

The Smiths say they have a very good relationship with Lochlan's mother.