Scottsdale now offers free mediation services for feuding neighbors

Having issues with a neighbor? The city of Scottsdale is offering mediation services to help residents solve disputes with each other.

Any resident who has an issue with their neighbor can contact the city by texting "MEDIATE" to 3111 to begin.

A volunteer mediator with training in resolving conflicts will set up a meeting place near the homes and do their best to hammer out any disputes.

"It does not involve a decision by the mediator," officials said. "The mediator is a neutral person selected by the parties to assist in the identification of issues, generation of options, and facilitation of a mutually acceptable agreement."

City officials say that they've seen more conflicts between neighbors since the start of the pandemic.

"They weren't necessarily always at home prior to the pandemic, so schedules have changed, life has changed and that's brought out a lot more variables to getting along with neighbors," said Deanna Zuppan with the City of Scottsdale.

Zuppan says that most of the complaints are either parking disputes, tree encroachments, or noise complaints like barking dogs or construction.

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City of Scottsdale