Some local races in Arizona remain too close to call, proving every vote counts

Historic voter turnout proves Arizonans knew their vote mattered in the 2020 election, and in some races, it can come down to just a handful of votes.

Fox News and Associated Press numbers are projected for Joe Biden to win Arizona, as well as Mark Kelly winning a seat on the Senate, beating Martha McSally.

What about local races? Some are so close, a single vote could change everything. In the race for president, 30,000 votes can be called "close," but for the school board, the margins are much tighter than that.

Rose Smith and Zach Lindsay ran together to be on the Scottsdale Unified School District Governing Board, but of the three open seats, the two friends are now battling it out for the last spot.

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"We’ve had what, over 100,000 votes total, in our race so far and we’re down to 16," Zach Lindsay said. As more votes get tabulated, the lead has only shrunk. Either way, they say they’ll be happy for each other."

Rose Smith is also a candidate for the Scottsdale Unified School District Governing Board, saying, "We tried as hard as we could in the age of COVID to get out and meet people and it was really hard to do."

These candidates said they will not ask for a recount once totals are in and will be supportive of each other.

Francisca Nevarez is a candidate for a seat on the Gila Bend United School District Governing Board.

"When I saw that I was only up by two votes, your heart starts beating fast," Nevarez said, adding, "What my husband said is that, 'Really you’re up right now by your father's vote and your aunt's vote.'"

Every one of those votes matters.

Here’s their takeaway for next time as they sweat out the results: Do your civic duty and go vote because it's so important.

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