Video shows truck swallowed by tornado on Iowa road

Deadly tornadoes ripped across Iowa on Tuesday, collapsing wind turbines while sending cars and even trucks flying.

Footage from an Iowa Department of Transportation camera showed one such encounter along U.S. Highway 30 near the town of Nevada. In the clip, which spread widely across the social platform X, a semi truck can be seen slowing to a stop along the highway, just yards from a tornado so massive that it appears as just a gray blur.

Moments later, a tanker truck cruises by the stopped tractor-trailer, only to slam on its brakes as the driver apparently realizes – too late – that the tanker is headed for a giant tornado.


The tornado is the gray blur in the upper-left. Seconds later, it would fill the whole frame.

The red brake lights soon disappear, swallowed up by the dark whirling storm that quickly blows the stopped truck over onto its side before engulfing the camera’s entire field of view.

It wasn’t immediately clear what happened to the trucks. Photos posted on X showed a tanker that appeared to match the one in the video; the vehicle had come to rest still upright off the side of the highway.

There was no word about the status of the driver, but as of Wednesday morning, the only deaths from the storm were being reported in the towns of Corning and Greenfield, which are about 100 miles southwest of Nevada. Several injuries were reported, however.

"Most of this town is gone"

The town of Greenfield, Iowa took a direct hit as severe weather ripped across the Midwest.

"It's not good. I can say that much," said FOX Weather Storm Tracker Brandon Copic, one of the first on the scene after the town was destroyed. "Most of this town is gone. There's no other way to put it."

At least two fatalities and several injuries in the Greenfield area have been reported after nearly two dozen tornadoes across the state.

First responders said several people were killed by the storm and many more injured, but it will take some time to determine the extent of the damage.

FROM FOX WEATHER: Tornadoes cause destruction in Iowa as deadly storms race across state

Iowa has had the most tornadoes this year with 81, followed by Texas with 74 and Kansas and Ohio, each with 66.

This story was was reported from Tampa, Fla. FOX Weather and The Associated Press contributed.