Tech companies track Arizona's social distancing efforts, giving the state a 'C' rating

You can see social distancing all across Arizona during the COVID-19 pandemic - and it's being tracked by tech companies.

You'll see it outside stores, picnics, playtime at city parks and on hiking trails across the valley.

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Turns out several tech companies are tracking our societal spacing too. Like Google, tapping into anonymous location data from its users.

Their numbers show Arizonans have slowed their mobility the past few weeks. A drop in visits to restaurants and recreation spots by 40%, grocery stores by 17% and parks by 7%.

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"We have seen people stay at home and social distance and it is making a difference," says Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey.

Location tracking companies like Unacast even came up with a state by state scorecard. It’s based on the average decreases in mobility and nonessential visits.

Their data gives Arizona a C, slightly below the country as a whole. That grade is not good enough for University of Arizona endocrinologist Ricardo Correa.

“This is the most important thing, I know staying home is difficult not seeing others is difficult but if you care about others it’s the only solution," Correa says.