Vaping sales on the downfall amid health concerns

One of the oldest vape shops in the Valley has brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past seven years, but it is also the first to admit sales are declining. 

Many vape shops are watching their profits go up in smoke since the Centers for Disease Control put out warnings about vaping dangers.

"It's gone in the last month $1,000 a day to $300 a day on average," said Caleb Willow, who works at Butt Out Vape Center. 

Sales are down 70 percent at Butt Out Vaping Center in Central Phoenix. They not only sell but manufacture dozens of flavors of vape oil. Caleb Willow says sales were also hurt even further when several states banned vaping.

"They just immediately stopped," said Willow. 

Willow blames what he calls the vape scare. The CDC warned against vaping in August after several people died and dozens became sick using black market vape products.

"We've had customers come back and say they quit vaping, I've had customers come back and say they went back to smoking cigarettes," said Willow. 

Mychel Sane's favorite flavor to vape is called Day at the Spa. He says the greatest fear is that the Food and Drug Administration comes out and says no flavored oils at all. 

"Yeah I'm bummed that is a bummer, it should be regulated or something but just to cut it off completely," said Mychel Sane, vape user. 

Willow, in the meantime, says he may soon have to slash prices to offload products depending on what the government decides.