Woman in wheelchair rides in back of pickup truck through Tampa

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A Tampa resident said he thought he'd seen it all - until taking a drive down Interstate 75 Tuesday afternoon.

Billy BigRig recorded video of a woman in a wheelchair, in the back of a pickup truck, driving down Fowler Avenue in Tampa.

Billy said he first spotted what he called a "redneck Uber" driving south on Interstate 75.

When the white pickup truck exited onto Fowler Avenue, Billy began recording.

"Grandma is sitting in the back of the truck in a wheelchair," Billy can be heard saying on the video. "She's strapped in, too. Look!"

The woman is accompanied in the back of the truck by a couple of pieces of lumber, a tire, a workbox, and what appears to be a traffic cone.

Tampa police spokesman Steve Hegarty pointed out that riding in the back of a pickup truck is not illegal in Florida, as long as you're over 18.

Editor's note: This story has been updated with new details from Tampa police.