World Trade Center I-beam part of new Rockville, Minn. veterans' memorial

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Municipalities across America often have monuments to honor military, law enforcement and other members of the community that put their lives on the line, except for Rockville, Minn. This Sept. 11, that's all about to change with 23,000 pounds of Mesabi black granite from Babbitt and an I-beam from the World Trade Center.

Rosie Steil has wanted to build a memorial to military veterans in her hometown ever since her brother served in Vietnam, so she convinced several community groups to help her raise money to build a monument. The Veterans' Monument in Rockville will have names of people from Stearns County who currently serve or have served in the military, law enforcement, fire, as well as first responders. However, organizers say they're not limiting the honor - if a resident has a relative they'd like on the monument, there's a spot for his or her name.

After hearing how a boy scout in Florida got a piece of the Twin Towers for an eagle scout project, Steil emailed the New York Port Authority to see if she could get one, too. Much to her surprise, it gave her a 6-foot, 988-pound I-beam from the World Trade Center to include in the Rockville monument.

"I just couldn't believe it. I mean, what are my chances in this little community?" Steil said.

The monument will be made at Coldspring will sit outside the Rockville Fire Department on Minnesota Highway 23.

So far, Steil and other organizers have raised $60,000 of their $70,000 goal. If you'd like to donate, checks to the RASC Rockville Monument Fund can be sent to the Rockville Veteran's Monument Committee, PO Box 185, Rockville, MN 56369

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