Hand in Hand Telethon: Verizon employees in Chandler help with benefit

The United States has been slammed by two major hurricanes in two weeks. The recovery and rebuilding process will be incredibly costly.

Some of the biggest names in entertainment used their star power on September 12 to raise money for those affected by Hurricane Harvey and Irma. Many of you watched the telethon called "Hand in Hand" right here on FOX 10.

While the telethon was nationwide, hundreds of Verizon employees in Chandler were busy helping out during the benefit. Pizza was served to the 400 plus call center workers who were facilitating the calls that came in for the telethon and you could tell there was a different energy in the building. A lot of it had to do with the fact that people can relate to what others are going through in Texas and Florida.

Sean Spain just moved to Arizona in June.

"It was a very scary time over the weekend.. worry about the family," he said.

Spain has family all over the state of Florida and while everything turned out okay, he has a very clear understanding of what hurricane victims need.

"Essentials. Water. Gas. Food. People are running out of food. They don't have power. Some people still don't have power yet, or cell phone service or anything, so they need anything they can get."

The telethon was originally organized in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, and while attention has shifted to Florida, people in Texas still need help.

"I can totally relate their frustration, their devastation, how they feel helpless," said Beverly Hardeman. Her family was rescued in Texas.

It's that helpless feeling that helped both Verizon workers get motivated for the telethon.

"I'm here in Chandler, Arizona; they're in Houston, knee deep in it," added Hardeman.

"It's a personal feeling because it's helping the cause and literally helping me and my family," said Spain.

Text "GIVE" to 80077 to donate $25 to the Hand in Hand fund - a benefit for hurricane relief.

Online: https://handinhand2017.com