2022 Election: Lake leads Arizona governor's race, Kelly remains ahead in Senate race in new poll

With just one month remaining until the November elections, FOX 10 has partnered up with polling firm InsiderAdvantage to see what direction Arizona voters are headed.

Governor's race

According to the new data, Republican Kari Lake is now leading the governor's race by about 4 points, with Lake polling at 49.3% and Hobbs at 45.6%.

Lake has a strong lead among voters between the ages of 18 to 39 - she leads Hobbs by 11 points among that age group.

The Republican also leads Hobbs among independent voters, with just 4% of voters still undecided in this poll.

Last month's poll data had showed that the governor's race was neck-and-neck, with Hobbs leading at 43% at the time. 

Senate race

Mark Kelly has a 4 point lead over Republican Blake Masters, with Kelly polling at 46% and Masters at 41.6%.

Libertarian Marc Victor now has about 5% of the vote, with 7% still undecided.


Both polls were made up of responses from 550 registered voters. The margin of error is 4.2%.

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Kari Lake and Katie Hobbs (file)