Arizona man selling brooms surprised by TikToker after string of counterfeit buyers

A social media sensation known for his once-in-a-lifetime surprises hit the streets of Mesa and surprised a man who many have taken advantage of.

Sebastian Ibanez is blind and partially deaf, so it can be hard to find a job. His wife has cancer, so he's trying to provide for her, selling one broom at a time.

"Because he is blind, he has been handed fake bills and his family was evicted at the beginning of the year!," the GoFundMe for him read.

His good fortune arrived after a brush with TikTok star Jimmy Darts. Darts read about a blind broom salesman in Mesa and created a video and GoFundMe page that raked-in close to $100K in a day.

Darts invited his followers to support Ibanez. Dozens showed up and cleaned him out of brooms and mops.

Complete strangers got swept up in the moment.

Ibanez may also be getting a new job out of this – his dream job as a car salesman.

You can donate to the GoFundMe here.

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