Arizona veterans offer help to fellow veteran to make home improvements

Valley veterans launched a group effort Saturday to help out a fellow veteran who needed some assistance improving her home.

Sixty-seven-year-old Marine Veteran, Catheryn Baarson, has developed a hoarding issue, so a group of service members volunteered to make some improvements to her home.

Volunteers fixed her landscaping, gave her home a coat of paint and installed new windows.

Baarson is grateful for the help, saying, "Well thank you isn't enough."

Feb. 13 marks the anniversary that enlistments for women in the Marine Corps officially opened up back in 1943, Baarson says.

Several Arizona Holocaust survivors receive COVID-19 vaccine doses

Arizona's health department has helped nearly 40 holocaust survivors from across the state register for vaccine appointments, making sure the community's most at risk community continues to become protected.

Phoenix couple celebrates Valentine's Day and a successful kidney transplant

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