Embry Health hiring hundreds for COVID-19 testing sites across Arizona

With rising COVID-19 cases in Arizona, the demand for testing also is also increasing and that's why a state-wide testing company is looking to hire nearly a thousand new employees to help keep up with the surge.

A month ago, the state's largest COVID-19 tester was swabbing about a thousand noses a day. By August, thousands a day.

"We did over 12,000 tests state-wide at 55 locations across Arizona," said Raymond Embry, CEO of Embry Health.

He says the percent of tests coming back positive has also increased.

"It’s concerning that it essentially came out of nowhere. You know, at first, we were like, maybe there’s some combination of people going on a vacation and then going back to school and initially, of course, we’re still starting our locations but we’re like it’s going to die down but after the validation last week, we said this is here to stay, most likely for the rest of the year," Embry said.

To meet the renewed testing demand, they’re trying to hire 800 people to run their testing sites across the state.

"Because we already have this state-wide presence as this surge is hitting us, we’re already here. So our biggest obstacle now is getting medical providers and administrative staff to the site to meet this new patient demand," Embry explained.

Look for Embry Health jobs here: https://embryhealth.com/.

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