For contractors, COVID-19 pandemic means more home renovation jobs

Since Arizona's stay-at-home order went into effect in March, many people have had time to think of changes they would like to see, inside of their homes.

As a result, contractors have seen a boost in calls over the last month.

“They’re not working, and they have plenty of time to think about their house, their kitchen, room additions that they’ve been putting off. So I have all kinds of calls this last month and these couple of weeks,” said Michael Gilson with Arcadia Design Build.

Gilson says while many are concerned with COVID-19, it won’t be a problem as social distancing will be used to get measurements, and everything else will be done online.

“Once I get those measurements, I can complete the as-builts, and Zoom meeting with the client so they can see my screen, and I can design it right in front of them and show them what they’re doing going to get. Show them color, what it’s going to look like, and all the submittals from the city or online.”

For Gary Carlson, who owns Carlson Homes Construction, it’s a break on some projects, but a continuation on home renovations that were already in the works.

“We had contracted projects that we had scheduled to start in April, but we have stopped all of those until we can get to the point where we felt it was safe to go back into the homes,” said Carlson. “We worked up a protocol that everyone is beginning to follow and getting it all done, and that includes washing hands before you come into the jobs, wearing a mask while you’re on the job. Making sure your site is clean, and every time you go out, wash hands again and keep the distance as much as possible away from anyone else.”


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